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The seed for Uncensored English and our motto “English isn’t always PC”  was planted when Keiran was ummmm….  wink wink nudge nudge let go… from an international language school he was working for in Montreal. Instructed not to discuss “sensitive topics” with his students such as religion, politics, death, sexuality, and above all gay and lesbian lifestyles…. and these instructions were given to him above all…..  by his gay manager. The management’s lack of confidence in Keiran and the student’s to handle these topics were extremely frustrating for him.

Fast forward to the summer of 2015 he signed up on a few online teaching websites, found his first few students and immediately began teaching his way. Quickly he realized how much students enjoyed learning English through engaging discussions about foreign culture, comedy, pop culture, slang, and taboo topics… and gone were the boring grammar lessons as Uncensored English was born.






A professional English teacher since 2010, Keiran is a CELTA certified English instructor (Not that he thinks that matters) who has taught around the world including South Korea, Mongolia and at home in Canada. He even married a woman who spoke zero English. Having lived in Mongolia where few people can speak English and coming from the part of Canada where children learn French by law, Keiran knows first-hand the frustrations and difficulties that come with learning a language and not being able to express yourself. Keiran is actively working towards French mastery to perform in the French comedy scene and will be tackling Korean next.




More than just an English teacher, Keiran prides himself on his life experiences which include living in 4 different countries in the last 5 years, working in several different sectors including sales, the restaurant & hospitality industry, and the ESL industry and a few more he’s not going to mention. Keiran currently teaches online full time, podcasts weekly for ESL learners around the world and performs stand up comedy in Montreal and other locations around Canada. He’s also been fired 7 times.