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Do you have an interview coming up? Are you a little more nervous then usual because it’s in English? Or maybe you just need some role play practice?

In an interview you have a short amount of time to make a positive impact and stand out from the other candidates, that’s what I help you do!

  1. We role play, go through the most common questions and some unlikely ones. You’ll have answers prepared and you’ll feel more confident. Even if you are asked different questions in your interview, my system will help you answer the questions efficiently.
  2. We adjust our mindset,  to make sure you have the best mindset for the interview that will help you stand out from the other candidates. Regardless of the language a confident person believes in them-self and their skills, and we practice speaking in a manner that conveys this.
  3. We tweak everything, all throughout I’ll also help you with pronunciation and grammar corrections if necessary. My time is limited so message me today!

Unedited testimonies from italki students who messaged me after their interviews:

I get the job!!!!! Yuhu!!!!!! Thank you for your help. I really appreciated.Take care! And I’ll recommend you to all my friends who would have a job interview.
- Elena
Keiran, I wanted to report to you first!! The reaction of the HR director was positive, the Engineer, now he has to put together all the candidates he deemed as ok and send to a company’s “training” program. I’ll be in a bit special position, such as an “independent contractor”.
- Junko
Hi! I’ve got the job in Amsterdam, Netherlands =) Germans also very interested at me – but salary and companies not so interesting as in Amsterdam. So, thank you very much you helped me ? Currently I’m preparing documents and in october will be my first working day in Amsterdam. Later I’ll need talking lessons, and also my wife also need english and interview lessons.
- Ivan
Hi, Keiran! I just want to say, that today is my third day in a new job. I got it!
- Boris