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UE 194 – The Shaming Of Canadian Pride & Inappropriate Laughter from Royalty

Are you learning English? Are you improving your English with hopes of moving to Canada? You’ve heard it’s a great country to live in, did you know it was Canada day on July 1st? Not just any Canada day, it was the 150th celebration of Canada day. This holiday was marked by an unusual amount of turmoil on social media and today Edward and I discuss this topic as well as another controversial blunder made by some “royal” visitors.

If you’re taking your English seriously I encourage you to listen to this podcast once without the transcript, jot down notes when you hear new words or expressions that are of interest to you.

Listen again with the transcript and you can even challenge yourself and speak along with Edward and I. Of course if you don’t have the transcript then you haven’t given us a review on Itunes yet have you? You can do so here, https://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/uncensored-english/id1099857910?mt=2 .

There’s no magic key that will lead to perfect fluency, but I’m sure these transcripts and routine practice will help you on the way.

Lastly here’s the link for the video of Camilla, Prince Charles and the Inuit throat singers: http://www.express.co.uk/news/royal/824500/prince-charles-camilla-parker-bowles-laughter-canada-inuit-throat-singingĀ 

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