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UE 196 – Changing Your Mindset to Learn English & the Curb Challenge ?

Hey everyone! Today’s video podcast was done live on Facebook.

In it I discuss adjusting your mindset for learning English so you start seeing it as a way to pursue your passions and live your life fully, instead of seeing it as a chore, homework, or a burden.

Having a negative mindset can hold you back more than you think, when you adjust, at least I’ve found, and many of my students have found, that working on your English becomes fun.

There’s also a challenge for you guys on the podcast today. Take it! You can take it via writing in the comment sections, uploading an audio file of yourself or hey even uploading a video.

Hop over and join the Uncensored English group, it’s free. In it you’ll find a video and some instructions. Can’t wait to see how you tackle the challenge.

These group challenges are made so that you can practice your English, in a fun way, meet like minded people who are also on the path to improving the fluency, and connect to Uncensored English community.

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