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UE 197 – Home Schooling… Completely Weird or a Good Idea? Come Listen and Grow Your English

Summer’s almost over… at least in Canada, and for many people that means back to school. But for some people, it means back to school… in their house.

Today on the podcast Mrs.P joins us to talk about something that I always thought was weird as hell, home schooling. The audio on this one is a bit rough, I forgot to plug in my headphones and mic, mainly because I was high on pain killers, but it’s clear enough and the conversation is solid so tough it out.

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I put a video challenge up in the Uncensored English group for us to discuss. Just look up the Uncensored English group and request access.

I’ll be taking a little time this week to spend in the group chatting with you guys. I’m going to post a time and date shortly in the Facebook Page. Feel free to share your thoughts on this topic!

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